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How Your Dream Job Can Help You Now

A dream job is very subjective as it can mean different things for every individual. Personally, I feel a dream job should be work you absolutely love doing so much that you are consistently trying to learn more and get better at it. It should be so exciting that it brings out the best in you and you would consider doing it for free. When I was in college, my dream job was to be a producer for a morning show. I had an insatiable curiosity about people and things and found myself constantly wanting to read news articles and interview people. And guess what? I loved it so much that I took on some work for free to learn more. If you are looking for specific ways to find your dream job, take a look at my blog post, How to Find Your Dream Job, for some tips.

When you know what your dream job is, it is much easier to obtain it. Do you know that knowing what my dream job was helped me land it twice?

Here’s how it can help you.

You will make better decisions

You will be able to make conscious decisions about specific jobs and opportunities that come up. If a job or opportunity can help you prepare for the job or get you closer to obtaining it, then you should pursue it. If it doesn’t, then you should politely decline the offer.

You will continuously learn more

When you enjoy something, you will find different ways to expand your knowledge on that subject matter. There are so many platforms you can take advantage of today to educate yourself on a specific subject matter. From traditional methods like higher education, books and online courses to social media platforms liked LinkedIn, masterminds and membership groups like the Women in Business Club. Find what specific methods work best for you and your goals and pursue those.

You will build connections with relevant people

Once you are engaged in physical environments or digital platforms where you are exposed to your desired area of expertise, you will be able to build connections with people you can learn from, assist and in the future get assistance from. It is so important to learn how to build connections with others as we need these relationships to fulfill our dreams.

What has surprised me most about my journey in knowing exactly what my dream job was, is that it allowed me to get the specific experience needed to fulfill it but also made others want to help make it come true. I’ve learned that when you know what you want, life has a way of putting those things in front of you. Start manifesting!

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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