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How to Find Your Dream Job

I define a dream job as doing something you enjoy and being able to monetize it as your primary source of income or even a side hustle that can someday be that primary source. Some people know the answer and others simply just don’t know. If you are consistently growing and connecting with others, you will come across the answers that can ultimately lead you to that place. For me, I knew what my dream job would be while I was in college and was able to pursue it and actually get it while I was still a student. And guess what? Years later I found another dream job and decided to pursue that as my career path. So how was I able to identify it twice? I did the following four things consistently. And I want to emphasize, CONSISTENTLY.

Start doing the things you love to do If you have a hobby or interest in something, start doing it and placing yourself in positions that will give you exposure to it. Join organizations and attend events that allow you to learn more about it and get better doing it.

Connect with others Find contacts in your field of interest and/or doing a job you have an interest in. These are people you can learn from. Meet them for a chat and ask questions that will help clarify if you would like to pursue that path as well and what is necessary to move towards it.

Consistently educate yourself Consume all relevant material that educates you on your specific topic of interest. It can be books, videos and social media accounts that teach, motivate or inspire you.

Try new things If an opportunity presents itself that will teach you something new and will take you out of your comfort zone, do it! Experiences like these can change your life. They can introduce you to a field you weren’t aware of or change the path you are currently on. Just be open.

Good luck!

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.

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