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5 Tips for a New Career

Whether you are looking for a new job and are willing to pivot in a new direction or do not want to continue working in your specific field, a career pivot is a major decision.

COVID-19 has impacted the world and devastated certain industries more than others. For those in highly specialized careers, the impact has been severe and the options for work seem limiting due to the amount of time spent in specific positions and/or industries. There is a lot of trepidation and doubt as to how to resume one’s career at this point.

A viable option is to pivot professionally and take your innate talent, skills and experiences garnered in one industry into another. The business environment is in the midst of changes that will set new standards for decades to come. Many companies are taking this time to evaluate how and where they do business. So why shouldn’t you as a professional?

I have 5 tips on how to begin to evaluate your options.

1. Identify your strengths and skills

Your experience brings along a list of transferable skills that can be beneficial to any industry. Write down your innate talents, specific skills and strengths. Sometimes it takes a real look at all of your abilities to discover new ways to apply them.

2. Identify areas of interest

Is there a specific field that you have had interest in and never had the time to evaluate or explore? Is there a hobby or activity you enjoy doing that you can monetize? Write those down and begin doing research.

3. Find your uniqueness

Figure out how the combination of your skills, passion and experience can uniquely serve a new niche. In many cases, your background and story can serve as a unique qualifier or distinguishing angle that can give you an edge in a new area.

4. Rebrand yourself

Once you have decided how you want to pivot professionally, reposition your background, skills and experience in a way that sets you up as a viable candidate to excel in your new career.

5. Connect with others

Reach out to others in the desired industry you want to enter. Use LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and local organizations to connect with others to learn more or offer your services.

The goal is to use a disappointing or unexpected turn of events to propel you in a new direction. A career pivot is a big decision but one that can be extremely rewarding and help you reach your true potential.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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