Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a speaker, communications strategist, writer and business coach focused on career and leadership development.

I’ve spent my career connecting people and ideas through the art of storytelling. I’m a people person by DNA who has always taken the unconventional path in life. I began my career as a producer in New York City for a national morning show before I graduated college. I was able to land THE dream job as a young journalism student through hard work but most importantly via the connections I was able to cultivate along the way.

I’ve been privileged to have had amazing experiences like being on a presidential campaign trail and being escorted by marines to experience life as a recruit in boot camp. I’ve worked for some of the most beloved and recognized brands via opportunities in TV, consulting, public relations, event planning, marketing, speaking and coaching.

The power of connection has enabled me to continue to take risks, grow and water the seed I planted over 10 years ago when I outlined a roadmap for the career of my dreams. Today I’ve built a network of trusted advisors, leaders, employees, clients, mentors and mentees who have motivated and entrusted me with their knowledge, candor, experiences and ears.

My journey is focused on empowering students, professionals and leaders to use the power of connection to enrich their lives and meet their professional goals. I have undertaken the task of showing them how connecting can help them achieve the next milestone on your roadmap or conquer any barriers to their success.