I love connecting with people and naturally that has translated into opportunities for me to guide and motivate others in navigating through a competitive job market. In today’s ever-changing environment, connecting with your colleagues, associates, leaders and team is critical to staying relevant, competitive and productive. In a digital world, a reference, recommendation or feedback can make or break your career.

As a student, professional or leader you need connections to propel your career forward. My speeches focus on motivating and inspiring others to learn and use the power of connecting to continue to evolve.

Sample Topics I Speak About

  • How to Connect in order to secure your first job

  • How to Connect in order to secure your next career opportunity

  • How to Connect in order to lead effective teams in boosting productivity, engagement and creativity

  • How to identify your dream job and use it as a career roadmap

Michelle’s quest to create her dream career is truly what sets her apart. Her passion, unwillingness to accept the status quo, and fearlessness to establish the necessary stepping stones required to arrive at her own desired professional destination is both infectious and second to none. The intensity of her own search has a direct influence on those around her; a truly gifted ability that few in today’s professional world have the bravery to own for themselves.
— Doug, Marketing Professional