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Three Small Acts of Kindness That Can Lead to Impactful Connections

In the course of our very busy lives, we come across so many people everyday that we often overlook as we’re grabbing coffee or running to the next meeting. We quickly forget that every person you come into contact with is a human with feelings and lots going on as well and could use a friendly act of acknowledgement at the very least. Because of my insatiable curiosity about people I’m naturally interacting with people all the time and sometimes didn’t even realize the long term impact it has had on that person and me. That impact has been demonstrated in many ways including how they have spoken about me to others, how they have simply began to open up to me as time went on or even offered their assistance.

Here are three small acts you can incorporate more often in your daily lives that can yield meaningful results for you and others.

Smile and say hello A genuine smile and a simple hello to someone you come across in your daily interactions can set you apart from others. It will surprise you how many people walk around in their own zone and pass up the opportunity to offer a simple gesture of acknowledgement to others. What is surprising is how the lack of attention to this simple detail can formulate opinions in others about you and limit some meaningful interactions. You don’t want to be perceived as unapproachable.

Genuinely ask “how are you?” If you do have a few minutes to spare, ask someone how they are doing. This simple question is much appreciated and more often than not can lead to some additional interactions where someone will provide more insight into what they’re up to or even ask you questions. For me personally, this question has initiated friendships and some great conversation.

Offer assistance If there is ever an opportunity you can offer assistance to someone from helping to direct them somewhere or to answering a question, do so. This not only leaves a great impression on them but this establishes a familiarity between you two in the event that you need to interact again.

People have been conditioned to formulate opinions about others by a visual representation or title and therefore limit their connections and interactions with people as a result. During the years, I’ve been able to connect, help and be helped many times as a result of these small acts of connection so be mindful of your daily interactions. A simple act of kindness can go a long way for someone and doesn’t take much effort. I challenge you to start connecting in small ways. If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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