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Who to Connect With in Order to Find Success at Your Current Job

It makes sense that most people assume that doing your job well is the most important thing to accomplish in your career. What if I told you that learning to connect with others will double your chances at success? Have you ever thought about the idea that doing your job well is dependent on creating connections with others? It doesn’t matter what position you hold at your company, it is likely dependent on others assisting and supporting you.

We work in an environment where collaboration is necessary since we don’t have unlimited time, bandwidth and the skills to do it all ourselves. If we don’t take the time to connect with those around us who contribute to our success, it will be difficult to accomplish.

I’m sure you can recall being in the position where you hesitated in asking someone for assistance because you know that it will not come without a hesitation, complaint or excuse. Or perhaps you don’t have a close relationship with someone and when something urgent has come up, there wasn’t a desire to assist you in an expeditious manner.

There are some key individuals who you should make an effort to connect with in order to create an effective collaboration.

Your immediate team members

You will share similar goals with each member as part of a larger vision and it’s important to gain their support and trust in order to assure success as a team.

The administrative staff

These individuals will provide you with valuable information, resources and assistance with access to other colleagues or key decision makers.

Your IT resources

We all depend on technology in order to do our jobs and maintaining connections with this team can facilitate faster response times, troubleshooting and knowledge sharing.

Members of business units you regularly do business with

Collaboration is key and these individuals can assist in providing support or valuable insight needed to move a project forward.

You can build connections with these individuals in a few ways outside of your normal interactions. A morning coffee chat is my favorite but lunch is also a great option as well as engaging during company events.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.

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