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A Career Opportunity Redefined

A new career opportunity has been typically defined as a new job offer. Based on my personal experience and the many conversations and observations throughout my career, this definition isn’t completely accurate and I’d like to offer an additional take on this. A career opportunity can be any conversation or experience that can provide new insights to further your professional development. This can include a formal job offer but can also include experiences in your current role or in your personal life that expose you to new environments, perspectives or skills.

When you begin to look at a career opportunity in this new light, you’ll find one more often. There are many ways that using this perspective can help you become successful. It will require you to consistently step outside of your comfort zone. This means being open to listening to new people and experiencing new things that are different than what you’ve been exposed to. Aside from leading to a new job offer, there are 3 great benefits to viewing these interactions in a new light.

A new insight that will help you become a better professional, leader or entrepreneur

As the business world continuously changes and evolves, so should the way we work and think. A new conversation or experience can give us insights into our colleagues, employees, leaders or clients that can help us connect and find ways to serve them in a more meaningful way.

A completely new career path

Are you currently curious or lost about what’s next for you professionally? Many of us will be at certain times during our lifetime and exposing yourself to new conversations and environments can lead us to ideas about what to explore next.

A new idea

There are moments in our everyday lives where we have the opportunity to have a conversation or experience something that can spark a new idea to improve your business, solve a problem or improve lives. A new perspective or experience can expose a gap or need that can trigger a life changing solution.

I urge you to be courageous and open because there are career opportunities everywhere. If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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