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Four Ways To Connect With A Millennial As Their Leader

Yes, millennials are a different generation from those past but every single one of them is also different from the next. This generation has been a hot topic these past few years as their influence in the workplace has increased over time. This generation has grown accustomed to consistent and rapid change and so companies and leaders have had to adjust as well.

This dynamic can be challenging for many organizations and leaders who have established ways of working or do business in an industry that does require a specific skill set or set of experience that requires years to build. The want and need for consistent change is not always realistic right away and it can create some issues with retainment and engagement.

Millennials as a generation have grown accustomed to consistent movement in their careers and flexibility on when, where and how they do work.

For some companies, it’s understandable that you cannot promote every single person on a consistent basis due to many restrictions companies face like head count, budgets etc. There is also the stark reality that not everyone is ready to be promoted or cut out to be a leader. However, when you are able to connect with your team, there are a number of benefits to you as a leader and to the company.

There are a few ways you can connect with this generation and others to keep your workforce engaged and motivated.

Learn about your employee. What motivates them to come into work everyday? What excites them? What are their challenges. These are all questions you should be asking each employee on a consistent basis as the answers can change over time and help you in creating opportunities or solving issues.

Reward the employee accordingly Why would you reward someone who appreciates time off with tickets to a basketball game? Every employee is different and appreciates something different. As a leader, once you know what types of rewards you are able to offer, make sure to reward employees in a much more personal way.

Be thoughtful Welcome new ideas from your team members and even if it doesn’t look like it would be a viable solution, be thoughtful in explaining why. You should encourage new ideas and actively look into them.

Be honest and transparent We live in a world where the ability to get information is easier than ever before and there really is about six degrees of separation between each person. So if you are asked a question, be as honest as possible. Even in situations where you cannot divulge information, just say that.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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