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How to Use Your Dream Job as a Career Guide

Your dream job can be anything that you currently enjoy doing during your free time and have a natural talent for. It can also be a job that uses the skill sets needed for those activities and should motivate or excite you at the thought of it. When you find out what your dream job is, there are three ways it can assist you when making career decisions.

1. Deciding what your next move will be

The skills needed to succeed in your dream job should be the main components needed in order to be successful at the job you are seeking. As you begin to either look for a new job or evaluate opportunities being offered, make sure they comprise of the skills and knowledge that you will need in order to fulfill that dream job should it come your way.

2. Challenging yourself in learning something new

There will be experience or a skill set needed in order to be successful at your dream job that you currently do not possess today. That should be what you should be looking to learn or gain exposure to as you decide what your next step should be. Each move in your career should fill in the gaps necessary for you to succeed at your dream job.

3. Picking a mentor or people to connect with

The people who are currently performing your dream job or possess the skill sets needed should be those you want to gain guidance from and connect with regularly. These are critical connections that can help guide you or expose you to the necessary information and tools needed in order to get you closer to your goals.

In my experience, I’ve taken opportunities that didn’t necessarily correlate directly to what I wanted to do at the moment but would expose me to critical skill sets needed for my dream job. And guess what? Those have been the most valuable opportunities in my career that had I not had a long-term vision of what I wanted, I would have never seen the value in them.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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