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How to Use a Meeting to Build Connections

Whether you are an entrepreneur, leader or professional, your behavior in business meetings helps determine whether someone wants to build a relationship with you. That relationship can be as your client, business partner, employee, colleague or your boss. Finding a way to connect with those you’re having a meeting with is simple if you follow a few tips.

If you are leading the meeting, you have a significant impact on how the meeting is conducted and the value it adds to everyone that is attending.

Set the stage for collaboration Invite only those that you know can provide value and let everyone know that you are looking for input from everyone

Actively listen Be present in the meeting and give people your undivided attention. Make eye contact with everyone who is speaking.

Ask for feedback from everyone Before you close the meeting, make sure you ask if anyone else has something to add if all of the participants have not spoken. Encourage all attendees to follow up with you after the meeting if they have additional thoughts.

If you are an attendee of the meeting, you also have the ability to contribute in a meaningful way.

Actively listen Be present in the meeting and give people your undivided attention.

Add value If you have something of value to share, please do so. That can be inclusive of new information or a unique perspective you may have.

Offer assistance if applicable If you have skill-sets or access to resources that can be of assistance to someone, offer it.

Your participation in meetings give others a good idea of how well you can collaborate with others and respect other people’s opinions. Ensure that the experience is positive in order for others to want to continue to do business with you. If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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