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How to Connect When You Become the Boss

This change in your career is very exciting and will come with lots of adjustments as your responsibilities and relationships will change instantly. In order to effectively manage this transition for yourself and those who will be affected, you will need to take a few steps. If you are a new leader to a group or were formerly part of a group and have been promoted as the leader of that group, it is now your responsibility to ensure a smooth transition for your employees. Here are 4 tips to help you connect.

1. Lead with empathy

As a result of this transition, you are no longer considered an equal to others and will have power over certain decisions that affect the careers of other people. This can be uncomfortable regardless of the situation and therefore you need to be sensitive about the concerns of others. Place yourself in the shoes of each employee you will interact with and begin to foster a new relationship that will be productive for each of them.

2. Have transparent conversations

It’s important to ask about any concerns each team member may have and be prepared to actively listen. If concerns do arise, be prepared to respond appropriately and reassure the team member that you are committed to acting in the best interest of the team.

3. Build trust

You are now responsible for an entire team and that means being as objective as possible without letting personal relationships get in the way of decision making and evaluations. There will be certain conversations, outings, and activities you may no longer be a part of as the new boss and that is to be expected. The goal is to assure your team you are working in the best interest of each person.

4. Learn

Once you are promoted, make an effort to connect with every employee one on one to make sure you understand their motivations, current challenges, and aspirations within the company. This change should be considered the start of new relationships regardless of what the former one was. You should actively promote connections within the teams if they don’t exist and take the time to reestablish that team member’s role within the organization.

There will be many challenges you will face as a result of this new responsibility but ensuring that you connect with your team is crucial to ensuring your success as a leader.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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