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Didn't Get the Job? 3 Reasons to Stay Connected

The process of looking for a new job can be both physically and emotionally exhausting with the level of urgency being a critical component of the stress. Therefore it’s important to be resourceful with all the contacts you make. The world is a much smaller place than you think and therefore there are a few important reasons to stay connected with the contacts you make during the process regardless of the outcome.

Direct Contacts The interview process has provided you with direct contacts at a company you were interested in working for. This includes the recruiter, hiring manager and anyone else involved in the interview process. These contacts are extremely useful especially because they’ve gotten to know you at a deeper level than many others looking to get their foot in the door. After you’ve been given the news that you were not chosen for the job, send everyone you met with a note regardless to thank them for their time.

Feedback Aside from thanking each contact for their time and consideration, ask to schedule some time for feedback. Two of the key benefits of this are that you can get insight into your performance during the interview and any skill sets or experience you are lacking and should consider working on.

Future Opportunities Just because you weren’t a fit for this particular position doesn’t mean you might not be a fit for another position within the company. There is a lot of time and resources that recruiters need to put in looking for viable candidates and so having someone already vetted is a win for them as well. They can definitely forward your information to another hiring manager if another position opens up that meets your qualifications.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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