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Connect to Career Opportunities During the Holidays

The key to new career opportunities lies in constantly making new connections with others. I define career opportunities as ways to educate or expose yourself to something of interest or make a new connection that can lead to an actual job. During the holidays, there are numerous ways to connect with others by using the resources you already have access to. Here are a few ways to do so.

Family Gatherings Most of your adult family members have careers, friends and are members of social circles that you can tap into. If you have trusted family members who you feel comfortable talking to about your career and what you’re looking to do, talk to them. They know you like no one else does and can refer you to friends, acquaintances or better yet make the formal introduction to a new connection.

Gatherings with Friends Your friends are an important resource to take advantage of when looking to get introduced to new contacts. If they are a childhood friend or a friend you have made in a professional setting, they know your strengths and experience so they can provide valuable context when making a formal introduction on your behalf.

Industry Holiday Gatherings Company parties, happy hours or any social event associated with the holidays are great opportunities to connect with people you don’t necessarily have access to during the year. If the event is company-sponsored, make an effort to connect with people in other areas of your company or specific people whom you have had an interest in connecting with but had not done so yet. Industry gatherings are a great place to meet new connections so make sure you deliberately make the attempt to get to know someone new and engage in meaningful dialogue.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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