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Four Tips on How to Connect to a New Job

Finding the right career opportunity is not easy, regardless if you are employed or not. For the past number of years, research and data indicates that a large percentage of job listings are already accounted for when you see them on a career portal or site. This makes the job search frustrating and even harder. Fortunately, there are many platforms that can help connect you with resources that can assist you. All you need to do is strategize and have some bravery to make the most use out of these resources.

Connect with old colleagues, bosses or mentors If you have access to anyone you have worked with that can vouch for your skills and work ethic, make the time to connect with them. Let them know you are currently actively looking for a position. They can alert you to any opportunities they come across that might be of interest to you or help introduce you to connections that can be of value.

Attend industry events Conferences, workshops, presentations or meetups in your field of interest are great places to meet new people. These events provide you with new connections from different companies that can provide you with lots of insights.

Contact your Alma Mater’s Career Services The career services center at your alma mater is a great resource that is available to you. They routinely hold webinars and workshops to assist both students and alumni with job searches and can provide insight into companies or other alumni in your field of interest.

Use LinkedIn If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to create one. If you do have one, make sure it is updated with your latest information and your profile is complete. Begin connecting with people you know, engaging with other people’s content, following companies you have an interest in and looking up contacts that you can reach out to for more information.

If you have a question or are interested in learning more, connect with me.


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