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Own Your Career Development and Growth

My TEDx Talk

The Most Important Connection to Make for Success


Meet Michelle

Keynote Speaker and Career Development Coach

In an ever-changing world, I’ve taken my diverse experience and created a toolbox of strategies to assist you in connecting with yourself and others for growth and development, new career opportunities, or a career pivot.


Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power

My journey has been unique and I’m very excited to share a piece of it as a contributing author to the first edition of Hispanic Stars Rising: A New Face of Power. In this book, I share one of my experiences trying to navigate my way through an unpredictable and challenging industry. 


I hope this personal account inspires you to own the background and experiences that make you unique and powerful. 

From My Blog

I’ve built a network of trusted advisors, leaders, employees, clients, mentors, and mentees who have motivated and entrusted me with their knowledge, candor, experiences, and ears. My journey is focused on empowering others to use the power of connection to enrich their lives and meet their professional goals. Select a recent post below and join me!

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Connecting with others is the magic behind your success.

This skillset allowed me to navigate through the highs and lows of a nonlinear career where building relationships and learning from others led me to my dream job twice. I want to guide and motivate you into learning how to do the same to build and sustain your career.


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