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But most importantly given me great insights. I’ve taken a series of strategies, experiences, insights, and observations and created a guide for students, professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs looking to use the power of connection to excel in their careers and businesses. 

The ability to naturally connect with others has provided me with amazing opportunities in my career and business...

Overview of Services

Group Coaching


One-On-One Coaching

Guiding you to accomplish your goals


I help students answer the following questions:

How do I connect in order to decide what career opportunities I want
to pursue?


How do I begin building connections in order to secure my first career opportunity? 


I help professionals answer the following questions:

How do I use my specific background, skills, and experience to figure
out the next step in my career? 


How do I connect authentically with others in my professional network in order to learn more and grow? 

How can I use my skills and past experience to pivot into a new career? 


I help leaders answer the following questions:

How can I connect with each member of my team? 


How can I foster connections within my team in order to increase productivity, engagement, creativity, and employee retention?

How do I connect a multicultural and multigenerational team? 

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Marquise Perez, Automation Engineer

Whenever it comes to getting advice for improving myself professionally, Michelle is always my go to person because she doesn't just give me the answers I want to hear, she is determined to get the outcome we want. Michelle has spent time with me to work on getting jobs, negotiating, refining my resume and giving me advice on how to keep growing. She is and always will be one person I can count on to look out for my best interest and give me the advice I need. 


Doria Brown, Energy Manager 

I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle for twenty years. It takes a village to raise a child and Michelle was an important part of my village. The contributions she has made to my life are invaluable. Most recently she inspired and pushed me to apply to my dream job. She taught me how to network with people inside the organization I wished to join. In doing so, I was able to learn more about the position I wanted and put myself out there, to be seen, as an awesome fit for the position. Without her guidance I do not think I would be the woman I am today or the Energy Manager of the City of Nashua NH. Thanks again Michelle! 


Sarah Wallace, Principal Experience Researcher & Designer

Lucky me, I met Michelle through a networking, growth program that I joined during the covid downtime. She presented to the group and I was blown away. Blown away. Michelle is such a powerful presence: she's kind and normal and funny, and clever. Behind all of that is a certain wisdom that doesn't come from reading books; she knows her stuff. I connected with Michelle outside of the program and, after our call, I was buzzing with energy. Michelle is the kind of person I want in my corner, and I'll be in hers. She told me the hard truth (appreciated - no one does that), pointed me in the right direction (appreciated - no one goes out on a limb), and provided the kind of encouragement that I needed at this stage in my career. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She's unconventional and wise and fun.


Sara Miranda, Freelance Beauty Journalist

As a recent college graduate with aspirations to pursue a career in the media industry, I felt I needed more guidance on how to navigate this space. Michelle taught me all the ins and outs when it comes to network building, personal branding, having resilience, managing stress, and creating a lasting impression on my fellow colleagues. I could not be more grateful for all the tips she's given me. They definitely will come in handy for many years to come!

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