But most importantly given me great insights. I’ve taken a series of strategies, experiences, insights, and observations and created a guide for students, professionals, and leaders looking to use the power of connection to excel in their careers.

The ability to naturally connect with others has provided me with amazing opportunities in my career...

Overview of Services

Strategic Work Sessions

One-On-One Coaching

Virtual Coffee Chats

I guide students and professionals in accomplishing the following: 

  • What does connecting really mean? 

  • How to use your specific background and goals to connect authentically?

  • How to find connections that suit your career goals? 

  • How to connect with yourself in order to find out what your next career step would be.

  • How to consistently track and maintain your connections 

Paige Lorton, Project Management & Film Production

Michelle is an absolute joy to work with! She has ample experience, as well a deep passion to mentor others to best navigate their professional careers and dreams. She is a connector of people and the best person to have in your corner!

Doria Brown, Energy Manager at the City of Nashua NH

I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle for twenty years. It takes a village to raise a child and Michelle was an important part of my village.The contributions she has made to my life are invaluable. Most recently she inspired and pushed me to apply to my dream job. She taught me how to network with people inside the organization I wished to join. In doing so was able to learn more about the position I wanted and put myself out there, to be seen, as an awesome fit for the position. Without her guidance I do not think I would be the woman I am today or the Energy Manager of the City of Nashua NH. Thanks again Michelle! 

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